2016 Leo Awards Winner – Best Musical Score in a Motion Picture: Charlotte’s Song

2016 Leo Awards Nominee – Best Musical Score in a Motion Picture: White Raven

2013 Ovation Awards Nominee – Best New Work: CAPS LOCK: The Musical


“The score was composed by Red Heartbreaker. A stupidly talented composer on the up-and-up. I had this crazy idea to do a choral score and everybody was like, “How the hell are you going to pull that off on a no-budget feature?” I happened to be talking to another filmmaker, Darren Borrowman, about my struggles and he said, “You know Red can do that, right?” Red had contributed some blues music to my previous feature but I had no idea she could do this whole other genre. The rest is history. I wanted the score to be like the voices in Pete’s head. I wanted them to be almost Gothic in nature and Red nailed it and then some. There’s an epic and humbling feeling when you’re in a Pacific Northwest forest. Like a cathedral of trees. Red really captured that without making it overtly religious.” Interview with Director Andrew Moxham: Shock Till You Drop, November 2015

“Red Heartbreaker provides the hauntingly beautiful score, comprised only of a cappella harmonies. Although the music suffuses the entire film, it’s clear that its unsettling nature is tied to Pete directly, representing his connection to nature as well as his disconnect with reality.” Review: Modern Horrors, November 2015

“The use of choral music creates a powerful and haunting atmosphere. It gives the film an ominous feeling as the action unfolds. Combined with the slow-build pacing, the tension is compelling and sustains the viewer’s interest all the way to the film’s shocking finale.” Review: Cinema Axis, November 2015

“Red took on the challenge of writing an original song for a short film I wrote and delivered an incredible aria beyond our expectations. Red’s musicality, grasp of theme, personal drive, and creative prowess knows no bounds. She will make you a better singer, and she will make your projects sing. Highly recommended.” Testimonial: R. Morgan Slade – Writer, “Starlight, Starbright”